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How will registration and check on Rob what time will food stop being so my day

Registration will take place at the Info Desk at the front of site. When you check in, they will sort out your food for you. Please make sure the transport part of your booking is up to date with your expected arrival time so preparations can be made in advance.

What time will the boating on the Sunday finish?

Bell Boating will run during the Patrol Games slot in the morning. It is an off-site activity, and you will be returned to site for the closing ceremony.

There's climbing on the map will it be one of the Sunday activities (cause if so I'll bring my own climbing shoes)?

This is a bouldering wall rather than a climbing wall and is available to use whenever you wish. Trainers should be fine.

Do we need to bring a lunchbox for the packed lunch on Saturday?

Everything will be wrapped, however you are welcome to bring a lunchbox to store them during the morning

Where will We be able to shelter if it rains

We have multiple indoor areas in buildings around the site, both a larger indoor area and a smaller quiet area as labelled on the map. We have an additional indoor area that will be being used for activities.

We also have a large set of marquees and tents on the activity field that will be hosting the board game cafe, arcade, and general social areas.

Furthermore, we are very fortunate that there are a lot of covered areas around the site. There are 2 large shelters on the main fields and other smaller covered areas around site.

However, we do suggest you bring waterproofs and suitable clothing as on the kit list!

What sort of board games are needed for people to bring

People are welcome to bring all their board game favourites - variety is the spice of life! Feel free to bring anything you think others would enjoy. People are bringing all kinds of different board and card games - it's a great chance to learn some new games and find some new favourites!

If you are happy for your board game to be used in the board game cafe with others, you can drop it off at the Info Desk, who will add it to the inventory and ensure you get it back. It'll then be available in the board game cafe alongside the other board games.Or you can keep a hold of it and play it with your friends.

What do we need for the Aqua Parc?

Storing your items: our facility has a variety of lockers to store your belongings but they do require a padlock to ensure they are kept safe. If you don’t have a padlock, we offer them at reception for £5.
Shoes: you are allowed to wear water shoes or socks while on our park. If you don’t have any, then we also offer these at reception for £5.
Towels: bring as many towels as you’d like.
Clothing: come prepared with a swimming costume and/or clothing that you don’t mind getting wet.
After check-in, you'll collect a wetsuit and buoyancy aid, and attend a safety briefing.

What do we wear for bell boating?

Please wear "active" clothes that you are happy to get wet. You must bring a complete change of clothes including shoes and towel – just in case!

Footwear must be properly secured to feet with grip on the soles (strictly no flip flops, sandals,
Uggs, Crocs or wellies).

You may also want a drink, a hat, a waterproof/windproof jacket and sun cream on depending
on weather!

What time are minibuses running Friday? Possibly might have to get a midday train in order to come

That's fine! We won't be running minibuses that early, but if you update your arrival time/location on your booking (that goes for everyone, by the way), and email us to let us know that you'll be early, we'll make sure that someone is around to pick you up from the station.

What is the difference between the retreat and quiet room

The quiet room is an indoor space for people to go if they're feeling overwhelmed or in need of somewhere a little less hectic.

The Retreat is a bell tent designed to be more of a chill space, somewhere to be if you want somewhere comfortable and or calm (for example, the perfect place to read a book!).

Both will be open throughout the weekend.

What is the arcade area and board game CAFE in when will they be open in theatre

The Arcade will be a small tent with some games consoles and video games over the ages for you to play. The Board Game cafe will be a large marquee with a selection of board and card games for you to play, as well as serving food and drink for you to enjoy while you play. Both will be open whenever people are on site.

What colour will the apples be?

The plan is red apples but it will be dependent on available stock!

Will there be coffee/ tea available? If so, will there be alternative milk? If not, can we bring our own and make it with some hot water?

We will have tea, coffee, hot chocolate and squash avaliable with dairy and non-dairy milk. However you're welcome to bring your favourite stash of tea bags if you'd prefer!

Do we have to take a covid test before arriving?

With Covid tests no longer being freely provided by the government, we won’t be requiring everyone to have proof of a negative test before attending. Obviously, if you do have available tests you can use, it would be best practice and responsible to take one before attending, but we can’t require it.
If you do then test positive, get in touch with the committee as soon as possible by email to rally@ssago.org and we will assess refund eligibility according to the Rally Cancellation Policy, as with any urgent medical or family emergency.

for the summer camp days before and after rally, what are the cooking/ washing up facilities like? I need to know if I'm bringing everything like a washing up bowl as some camps I've seen don't need us to

There will be washing up bowls, liquid and stoves available in an outdoors kitchen area, however independent groups staying on Rally+ will need to share the facilities.

If we have chosen morning and afternoon off, will we need to come back to a specific place for lunch or not

You’ll receive a pack lunch in the morning so you don’t have to come back and meet up for lunch if you don't have an afternoon activity but you’ll be more then welcome to! We'll be in the amphitheatre in Campbell Park between 13:00 and 14:00 if you do choose to join us.

Does the site have showers and are they any good if you know?

Yes, the site does have showers. They were tested at both site visits, and are definitely at the upper end of the spectrum for campsite facilities!

How will meal times work for people with allergies what order are you going to serve food and what’s gonna be the process

You will be able to join everyone else within the advertised meal times. If you have any allergies or specific dietary requirements please come directly to the kitchen and we will serve you separately.

The badger in the Discord has only half a face :_( Can this be fixed please?

The badger should be happy again now!

Is there anyway of participating in your patrol even if you're not able to attend rally?

Of course! Drop us an email to rally@ssago.org and we can arrange for you to be able to take part and follow along even if you're not able to make it to Rally itself! You'll be able to join with the patrol chat, keep up to date with challenges, follow the points and scoring, and join in from afar!

will we be able to see who else is in our patrol before the actual weekend?

Yes - you can see who is in your Patrol on Discord in your dedicated patrol channels! If you're not already on the Discord, just head to https://ssago.org/chat and join in!

What time do you anticipate Rally will end on Sunday? Trying to plan trains back, as it's my Grandma's birthday!

Closing ceremony takes place at 13:00 on Sunday, after a morning of patrol games and then the patrol games finale and picnic. The main part of Rally will formally close around 13:30.

However, as Rally will be continuing into post-Rally, there is no rush to leave if people want to stick around afterwards and make their way off when they want - one of the nice things about Summer Rallies is spending some time to relax in the sun at the end of Rally!

Is there anywhere on site/in town with access to computers or Stable Wi-Fi? I’ve got an online exam on the Saturday morning and I don’t want to miss rally! 😭

We can definitely sort you out - if you drop us an email to rally@ssago.org and we can make arrangements for you.

Is there WiFi available on site? I might need that for a work Zoom call during pre- and post camp

There is some limited WiFi available on site in certain locations so we should be able to accommodate you - if you drop us an email at rally@ssago.org we should be able to sort you out!

Is there going to be a minibus provision from a train station to the campsite. If so what time may be the last one, as I may be coming later than advertised. Thanks

Yes, there will be transport to and from the station and we will be able to accommodate you regardless of what time you arrive. If you put your best estimation of time into your booking when asked for arrival, and then keep us up to date if that time changes - either through Discord or contacting the event hotline - we will make sure you are able to be collected.

For the Sunday lunch there doesn't seem to be a vegan option listed, just pizza toast/cheese on toast. Can you confirm if there will be food suitable for vegans please?

This was going to be accommodated from the dietary requirements, but we have now clarified these options directly in the menu as well - you can check your choices at https://rally.ssago.org/beta/basics/additional/0/1810

Is the hammock camping (with rented hammock) also possible for the extended stay? Or just the main Rally times?

Yes, we have confirmed that you can use the hammock camping for the extended stay as well as the main event.

What will the personalisation be on our Rally Merchandise?

Any merchandise you get will have what you have as your preferred name down as on the SSAGO website.

If you have left the preferred name space blank, it will just be your name! You can change your preferred name by going to "Update Personal Details" on the SSAGO website, which can also be found here: https://events.ssago.org/members/details

If you wish to further customise your personalisation, you can do so on the Additional Information page: https://rallyofgames.ssago.org/beta/basics/additional/0/1814

Is there going to be another SSAGO bus? (Newcastle asking)

Due to the distributed nature of people for Summer Rally, the Exec have decided not to offer a SSAGO bus for Rally of Games.

However, please feel free to create your own mini SSAGO bus, by either sharing car rides or mini busses with other clubs! There are plenty of people willing to offer a lift and others coming by train. You can find them all here: https://rally.ssago.org/beta/location/location and hopefully find a way to make it to Rally!

If you're keen to come and still struggling, get in contact with us at rally@ssago.org and we'll see what we can do for you!

If people want to book for hammocking, will we also be able to put a tent up for our stuff? or will there be somewhere we can store it all?

Definitely! There is a camping pitch next door to the hammock area, so you'll be able to have a hammock and a tent.

How hard is the challenge hike?

The Challenge Hike will be a full-day hike with around 6-7 hours of walking over a distance of around 20km at a reasonable pace, with waypoints to navigate around (you will plan your own route between them), around 400m of ascent and some additional challenges along the way. However, the challenge is the combination of these aspects together, and not in the technical difficulty of the walk.

Do we have to decide if we are staying before/after when we book or can this be changed?

Of course! Once you have booked, you can go back to your booking and change this as much as you want up to the end of the second booking phase.

Will there be an area made for Rally of Games on the SSAGO Discord?

There is! You can find it right below the Once Upon a Ball area - come join us!

Is Jack the mascot?

We can guarantee we will have a mascot, what that form takes will be a surprise for all of SSAGO!!!

Do you think it'll be warm?

We SSAGO guarantee delightful sunshine all weekend! Summer Rallies typically are t-shirt and shorts weather! It won't just be warm, it'll be hot ☀️

Hypothetically, If I was to come for the weekend but have to go back home more or less all day on Saturday, would I be able to be dropped off at a train station, and collected in the evening? (I don't mind which one) It sounds a bit mad but I really don't want to miss out on a rally!!

Of course we can make this work for you and we happy to accommodate and welcome you to Rally for as much as you're able to attend! If you drop us a line at rally@ssago.org, we can work with you regarding timing and logistics.

What is the access like for disable members

For members with mobility concerns there is accessible accommodation with disabled toilets, these will be reserved for anyone who requires them. We would advise that some areas of Overstone are a little steep and there is some uneven ground. We have made sure you'll be able to get to all the areas, but some may be more difficult than others.

As for people with hidden disabilities, these will be accommodated throughout the rally programme, including there being a quiet space - this will have neurodivergent supplies such as fidgets, Lego, and self soothing items. You don't have to be neurodivergent to use this space but please do be mindful of others in there.

If you have any concerns or are worried about anything please do get in touch with the committee (email rally@ssago.org) and we'll see what we can do to help.

Do you have a mascot?

The mascot will be revealed at Rally!

Will there be cheese?

Yes - There will be cheese offered in the sandwiches, dinner in throw-throw burrito on the Saturday and as a part of the lunch on Sunday (but that's mozzarella). 🧀

Also cheesy songs at the disco!!!

Is there any indoor accommodation?

Yes - we have multiple rooms of 6 bunk beds in a newly furbished lodge, along with toilets, washing facilities and a shower within the building.

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.