Meet the Committee

Over December, we'll be introducing the Rally of Games committee...



Hi I'm Ash and I'm one of the co-chairs of RoG. I’m really looking forward to making the dream of RoG a reality and having a fantastic Summer Rally 2022.

P.S - does anyone know where the caffeine stash is?



Hi, I’m Jack, one of the Co-Chairs for Rally of Games! That means, along with my fellow Co-Chair, I’m jointly responsible for making sure Rally happens and is as amazing as it can be. I’ll be overseeing the whole process from the original bid, through the event itself, to the final closing of accounts, and making sure everyone else is doing their jobs and that everything is going to plan – and then fixing it if anything isn’t.



Hi, I'm Alex, I'm also the national SSAGO Treasurer, and I'm in my third year, studying Electronic Engineering at Southampton. I'll be trying to ensure there is enough money in the budget for you all to have lots of fun at rally.



Hi, I'm Oli! I've done a few little bits for SSAGO here and there and learnt a few things along the way, so I'm doing my best to share what I've learnt, spread the knowledge and experience and support the team however I best can in running a Rally to remember, while we hopefully all have plenty of fun along the way!



Heyo! I’m Lizzie, one of the secretaries for Rally. I minute meetings and write emails!!! I’m excited to share my love of games and ttrpg’s at rally. Also dice. A lot of dice



Hi I'm Rose, one of the activities leaders. I am so excited to share any knowledge I have learnt while on exec as well as gaining experience and new ideas from our varied team.



Hi, I’m Helen and I’m one of the activities coordinators. I’m really excited to be involved in RoG and making sure you all have a fun time at rally!


Welfare Officer

Hi, I’m James the welfare officer for RoG. If you have any problems or worries, I’m the one to pester, I’m also in charge of keeping RoG inclusive and ensuring everyone is happy healthy and alive at rally. This is the final year of my wildlife conservation course so any reason to procrastinate all the work due I will happily accept; on a definitely unrelated note, I’m looking forward to supporting the RoG team and making sure they all take care of themselves (by force if necessary). See you all at rally.



Hey! I'm Elz, catering lead for RoG. I'm looking forward to being on my first rally committee and making sure there's enough food to fuel the games!



Hi! I'm Bek the publicity lead. I'm in my second year at York and I am really looking enjoying being on the team for RoG and looking forward to getting more involved in the future



As the logistics officer, I'll be making sure that everyone gets to and from all of the exciting activities that we'll be offering at Rally of Games.



Hi I’m Zoë and I’m one of the logistics officers for Rally of Games. My job is to make sure everyone can get to activities and knows where to go and when! I’m always around for a chat and am so excited to welcome you all to Rally of Games!


Support Team

Hey guys I'm Nathan I'm the support team coordinator. I am here to help the RoG team by linking them with people who have experience and can help.


Technical Lead

Hi, I’m Izzy and I’m the Technical Lead for Rally of Games. I’m so excited to welcome you to Rally for what’s going to be a fabulous weekend! Over the weekend I’ll be making sure that all technical elements are working and using my knowledge as a Stage Manager to set everything up for you all!

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact